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Bio fuel Burners-outdoor heaters

Portable Bio Fuel Fires

Living Flame Bio Ethanol fires  - No Gas - No Electricity  - No Smoke

The natural beauty of a real flame fire can now be enjoyed instantly.  With no need for a gas/electricity supply our real flame fires run on clean burning bio ethanol fuel. They offer the perfect solution for transforming any outdoor space creating instant ambience and a gentle heat in any garden situation. Our portable outdoor burner don't produce any smoke so offer a great alternative to a fire pit or chimnea. As they stay cool to the touch underneath they can stand on any stable surface making them ideal as patio heaters, or  for caravanning, fishing, camping. As there is no wick unlike a candle or oil burner they won't blow out easily in the wind. Although these garden burners produce heat they can be used as garden lamps as the real flame produces an entrancing effect.


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