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Fantastic product at a very good price !
I bought our portable fire in Wales.To say we're pleased with the out put of heat would be an understatement, its ec…


How do they work?

Bio Fuel Fires - Living Flames Instantly - No Gas - No Electricity-   No Smoke

Your bio fuel burner can be placed on any stable surface as the base stays cool, use on a table top, decking, patio or line your driveway for an instant eye-catching look. Just fill with the gel fuel and light for instant real flames. 


Convenient – With the advantage of being portable our range of table top Bio Fuel fires are the perfect solution for creating a stunning visual effect and gentle heating outdoors. Running on a clean burning bio ethanol gel fuel our range of eco friendly fires produce a real flame but without any smoke. For a versatile outdoor solution simply pour in the liquid fuel and light for an instant glow.

 Reliable – As our portable gel fires are virtually maintenance free they offer a hassle free solution to outdoor heating and lighting. 

 Green Solution – All of our fuels are eco-friendly as they are derived from the fermentation of crops therefore producing only carbon dioxide and water vapour when burning. With no smoke or fumes, it's the simplest way you can have a living flame fire.

Elegant – instantly transform any space outdoor space with a comprehensive choice of ranges and styles we are sure to offer a solution for modern day living.