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Well, what can I say! When I first saw your product I was captivated by the beauty of the stone holders and strong flame…


Blaze Gel Burner
Blaze Gel Burner
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Product Information

Black Blaze Gel Fire Bowl – A real flame fire with no gas or electricity and no smoke. This cylindrical shape has been created to suit any situation. The Blaze living flame gel burners can be placed on the centre of a table for a real talking point. Our gel fires are so simple to use, just fill with fire gel and light for an instant real flame fire. The blaze range can be purchased individually or as a set.

Hand crafted from terrazzo (a marble & granite mix) this unique product stays cool underneath so can be go on almost any stable surface.


We only recommend Fire Gel with this product (not included)


 Blaze gel fire info

Colour: Black with grey flecks.

Note that due to the product being handmade the finished product is rustic & will contain some blemishes/marks on the surface. Also colour & flecks in stone may vary & all sizes are approximate.

Sizes & Burn Times:

Large - size H19 x W25 x D25 cms  Burn time 1hr 15 to 1hr 30 mins per fill (approx)* (The large product is supplied with an inner can (not shown) to prolong burn times and provide insulation)

Medium - size H16 x W20 x D20 cms 45 to 50 mins per fill (approx)*

Small - size H11 x W13 x D13 cms 15 to 20 mins per fill (approx)*

*N.B. Burn times per bottle are approx 51/2 to 6 hours. All burn times are approximate as they may be affected by site conditions such as wind.


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