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Best thing I have brought!
I have always wanted a table fire, and found Naked Flame at the N.E.C last year saw them and thought they were great but…


Outdoor Firebowls Key Features

 Outdoor firebowls – Key Features


Simple to use – All of our portable gel fires are very simple to use. Just fill the fuel container with the gel fuel and light. A minimum cool down period of 15 minutes is required before refilling to allow the vessel to cool completely.

 Safe design – Our gel burners are all designed to stay cool underneath so can be stood on any stable surface.

 Bio Fuel – Our firebowls all use a gelled version of our clean burning bio ethanol fuel.  This thickened ethanol based fuel makes them safe to use on a table top without the worry of the fuel splashing all spilling if the table is knocked. Choose from natural or citronella gel.

 Wind Resistant – Unlike a candle or oil burner our gel fires all burn without the need for a wick so are very wind resistant.

Real flames and instant heat – As our fire bowls produce a real flame they naturally give off heat too. Although this would not be equivalent to some other forms of patio heaters it’s effective for taking the chill of an immediate area and produces a eye-catching effect.

No Smoke – All of our gel burners use a clean burning ethanol based gel fuel which is derived from the fermentation of crops. Ethanol is a clean burning bio fuel and so does not produce smoke when lit making it the perfect garden fire.

 Minimal maintenance – Simple clean out the fuel chamber every few burns by brushing or soaking.

 Frost resistant – Although our terrazzo burners are frost resistant this isn’t the same as frost proof so if we have a chilly one treat them kindly and put them somewhere warmer!

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